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60 Minute appointment (online or in-person)

Cost: $180

Want to really get your body performing at its best?

We're talking about boosting your mental sharpness, energy, hormone health, and gut wellness. If you've been on the hunt to really get to know your body and understand its signals, our first chat is all about figuring out the main things we need to work on to start making real, noticeable changes.

In our full-on 60-minute meet-up, which you can do face-to-face or online, we’ll dive deep into what's going on inside you with some detailed blood tests. We’ll check out your overall health, mentally and physically, and spot exactly where you need a bit of extra help.

If you're keen to really dig into your health journey and get a clear picture of how your body responds to changes in your diet and your lifestyle, then our consultation is just the thing for you.

Let's start this journey together, with every little change tailored to make a big difference to your overall health.


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