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The VIP Wellness Experience: Beauty from Within
This is an in-Person treatment and consult at Cremorne or Holixir
Duration: 120 Minutes | Price: $320

Embark on an All-Encompassing Journey of Beauty and Health

Seeking an indulgent and comprehensive wellness experience? Our VIP treatment is designed to cater to every aspect of your beauty and health needs.
As you step into our serene private sanctuary, you'll be greeted with a soothing herbal-infused foot bath and polish, setting the tone for a luxurious health journey. Relax and unwind as you enjoy a cup of specially infused herbal tea and a delightful snack. During this time, we'll engage in an in-depth 60-minute naturopathic consultation to address any concerns you might have about your skin, nutrition, or overall well-being.
Following our discussion, you'll be invited to recline in our warm, comforting bed for a 60-minute session of pampering with one of our exquisite, glow-enhancing rejuvenation treatments.
As your experience draws to a close, we'll ensure you continue to feel the benefits long after you leave. You'll receive a personalized herbal tonic to take for the next three weeks, focusing on your specific health or skin concerns. Additionally, you'll be provided with a tailored action plan based on our consultation, supporting your ongoing journey towards health and radiant skin.
Awaiting you is a blissful escape into wellness!



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