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VIP Follow-up Skin Health treatment and consultation

Available In-Person at Cremorne or Holixir

Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: $280

Embrace Every Aspect of Your Beauty and Health

Rejoin us at Nourish Health for a continuation of your bespoke journey in beauty and health. Our warm welcome awaits you in our tranquil private space, beginning with a calming herbal-infused foot bath and polish to set the stage for another enriching experience.

As you settle in, enjoy a cup of our specially crafted herbal tea accompanied by a nourishing collagen snack. It's the perfect time to discuss the progress you've made in your health and skin journey. We'll elevate your treatment with a focused 30-minute naturopathic skin health consultation, tailored to your evolving needs.

Then, it's time to lie back in our cozy, warm bed and relish 60 minutes of luxurious pampering with one of our signature rejuvenating treatments. Tailored to your skin's unique requirements, this session might include a purifying facial, collagen enhancement, needling, or a peel, all aimed at nurturing and revitalizing your skin.

Before you leave, feeling refreshed and radiant, we'll provide you with a customized herbal tonic to continue your care for the next three weeks, focusing on either health or skin-specific concerns. You'll also receive a detailed action plan, outlining steps to further enhance your health and skin journey.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing your continued transformation and radiant glow!


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